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Discovering the very best of Britain’s Halal Street Food

Located in Rathbone Market, this street food van comes at it with rebel attitude!

Street food traders offering delivery and click & collect services.

An indoor street food arena offering Mexican, Nepalese, and Thai cuisine.

Exciting cuisines ranging from Indonesian and Sri Lankan to Japanese and Seychellois.

With street food vendors that cater for Halal as well as some vegan options.

With an exciting number of well-seasoned, fully Halal, street food traders.

Of the seven Halal traders, find out which ones are Halal right here.

With two fully Halal & one Halal-friendly trader out of 11, there's also plenty of vegan options.

This market operates under Street Food Union with limited options for Halal.

With plenty of Halal options, this is "one of London's oldest markets dating back to 1778".