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Keep up to date with news of the latest restaurant openings

With Feed the Lion at the forefront of bringing you breaking news of the latest Halal and Halal-friendly restaurants to open (including exclusive soft opening discounts), be sure to bookmark this page and keep up to date.

They have told FtLion that all their chicken is Halal across all their sites.

A large restaurant with an bigger menu to consider.

Believe it or not, but this brand boasts 32 locations across the country.

Having been founded in 1972, Tayyabs is known for its popular restaurant in east London.

They also have cafes in Birmingham, London and Slough.

This is the burger brand's 11th Uk site to date.

Their Manchester branch was rated 5/5 by FtLion in 2022.

Not affiliated with Cheat Meals, this is their second store.

After seven years in a smaller venue, they've decided to make the big move.

This happens to be the brand's 109th store worldwide.