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Keep up to date with news of the latest restaurant openings

With Feed the Lion at the forefront of bringing you breaking news of the latest Halal and Halal-friendly restaurants to open (including exclusive soft opening discounts), be sure to bookmark this page and keep up to date.

This is the brand's 19th restaurants having last month debuts in Bradford.

Not many fully Halal Sri Lankan places about in the capital.

This is the Afghani-Pakistani restaurant brand's third London restaurant.

There's plenty of them about in east London. Here's one more.

This is their 54th branch as they prepare to launch in the UAE next month.

And they're preparing for their big London debut on July 1st.

The town is considered "the oldest continually inhabited settlement in Britain".

They specialise in Portuguese custard tarts with another four sites across London.

This is the McDonald's inspired brand's second London site.

And they've also announced the location to their fifth branch.