The place to enjoy their freshly-made pizzas is downstairs in "the caves".

This place has all the ingredients of being even better than it currently is.

This place is an innovative addition to the world of Halal fried chicken!

With two fully Halal & one Halal-friendly trader out of 11, there's also plenty of vegan options.

This market operates under Street Food Union with limited options for Halal.

With plenty of Halal options, this is "one of London's oldest markets dating back to 1778".

Championing "the fresh flavour of Jamaica", this place does some amazing patties.

Their burgers are created by Beyond Meat who's received $72m in funding thus far.

Recipes "handed down through generations" which "rarely make it into restaurants".

A fine dining restaurant uniquely serving cuisines from the "Seven Sisters" of India.