Twelve years and 20 restaurants later, they finally make their London debut.

Their focus is on flavour & they deliver this in spades. Just check out their gourmet burgers.

"Hands down the best burgers" and "best chips in town", they claim.

With one in Ilford & Walthamstow, there's going to be plenty of piri piri chicken on the menu.

100% of their proceeds will be donated to UK-based Salam Charity.

This is the McD-copycat's second store, the first one being in Walthamstow.

With a menu revolving around Indian street food, they'll be opening later today at 5pm,

The restaurant essentially offers grilled piri-piri chicken though with a few extra goodies.

If there's one thing that defines their extensive menu, it's ambition!

By our count, this is the Indian breakfast chains' 24th venue with more to follow.