By our count, their 10th branch to open this year and their 34th overall.

The café has confirmed that its menu will be influenced by a number of cuisines.

Spread across two floors, this place is more a chaii parlour than a cafe.

Not only is this their 7th opening this year, but they're poised to open in Knightsbridge too.

Instagram blogger Yorkshire Food Gal gives us some exciting recommendations.

While Chaiiwale only launched yesterday, Chaiiwala boasts 27 stores across the UK.

With a dedicated 'Contemplation Room', there's six eateries to consider.

Having only recently launched in Preston, this is the Indian breakfast chains' 27th venue.

By our count, this is the Indian breakfast chains' 26th venue with more to follow.

Always exciting when ordering a tagine. This one was pretty good.