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Your chance to let everyone know of new and trendy Halal food places you’ve visited and enjoyed

Treat yourself or a loved one, especially with spring around the corner, says Saniya.

Always exciting when ordering a tagine. This one was pretty good.

This is located in a superb Grade 2 Listed building from the Art Deco era!

Creams does the job; but it's a decade behind, Yasir Khan adds.

Around the corner to Steakout is this rival steakhouse Shahid felt compelled to try.

And what makes this particular branch different is that it offers curries too!

Mr Qazi decides on something other than his usual Handmade Burger Co.

This Pakistani restaurant is consistently better than everything else, says Shahid.

It may say Uyghur, but they "serve a bit of everything", says Aku Fu.

With a 4.9 rating on Google, this place is a 'worthy visit', says Aku Fu