In partnership with Frankster's, we offer 30 chances of winning 30 prizes this Ramadan!

FREQUENTLY UPDATED - Comprehensive list of iftars & suhoors across the UK.

In partnership with Tom Hixon of Smithfield, we offer 33 chances of winning 33 prizes this Ramadan!

FREQUENTLY UPDATED - A comprehensive list of iftars & suhoors in London and beyond.

The charity will also be delivering Iftars to homes within the Newbury Park area.

In collaboration with Waltham Forest Council of Mosques with around people 500 expected.

A luxury 5-star hotel that puts up not 1, but 3 Ramadan menus demands attention.

You're chance to sponsor a family in Yemen for £100 this Ramadan.

Buy a chocolate fudge cake for £10 this Ramadan and help support Islamic Relief's Syria Appeal.

Speak to Quit Right Tower Hamlets service for free advice, support and access to e-cigs.