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Exclusive discounts and offers right here with Feed the Lion

That's 10% off their entire award-winning menu for an entire month.

Their focus is on flavour & they deliver this in spades. Just check out their gourmet burgers.

We review London's first kebab shop-cum-double-decker red bus!

With one of the best burgers had, these guys know how to grill.

This new venue and improved menu is a step up from last time we visited.

With some tweaks and additions to the menu, this place has potential.

This is the franchise's 18th branch with more scheduled to open soon.

"The UK's first slider specialist" offers a superb menu with HMC certified burgers.

One of the better Halal smashed burgers we've had in recent times.

To redeem your discount, simply quote 'Feed the Lion’ to a member of staff before ordering.