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Instagram food blogger The Scotistani Cooks makes this classic seem so easy.

From the award-winning food author's latest publication, Turath Lubnan, or Lebanon's Heritage.

A foolproof recipe for the challenging rice biryani dish by ‘Just Another Foody’.

Courtesy of Instagram food blogger The Scotistani Cooks' very own sister.

A deliciously easy recipe by Instagram food blogger The Scotistani Cooks.

A Lebanese Yakhni delivered by the award-winning food author herself.

Shalima's requested Mutton Chops Curry recipe has been a popular one on her Instagram account.

Shalima's Egg Bhuna Curry recipe is super easy to make and very versatile too.

Can be served two ways: piled onto soft flour tortilla, or into corn taco shells.

This one pot wonder is a quick and easy dish that anyone can master.