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Lamb Seekh Kebab with Pistachios by this year's Masterchef contestant.

Originating from Adana city in Turkey, this is the kebab for National Kebab Day.

A dish where "every bite contains an explosion of flavour".

Ahmed is an Instagram food blogger (@Mr_Chef_A) from London with fantastic recipes.

That's Abdul Yaseen and Shaheen Malik, as well as three Masterchef contestants.

Those of us who know, know how delicious a beef ramen can be.

Classic Nihari is a thick stew that's slow-cooked overnight using meat shank and bonemarrow.

Just make sure you're strong-willed enough to resist when fasting!

Ashu shows how to do a Milk Muhallebi Pudding Recipe for Ramadan.

The owner of award-winning restaurants Rivaaz in Lymington and Thali Ho in London Surbiton.