Currently in the middle of a week of freebie giveaways, they open at noon.

This Middle-Eastern inspired cafe even has an actual apple tree located inside.

As the UK's first restaurant to offer a fully Halal ramen menu, need we say any more?

They'll be giving away a free curry puff too with every meal if you quote: "CHOPE"!

Brought to you by those behind Guanabana and award-winning ice cream parlour Mamasons.

Sadly, while there isn't a fully Halal vendor, there are a few confirmed Halal-friendly ones.

They recently opened their second branch only 30 metres from their first in Camden Market.

A build-your-own brand that refuses to compromise on the flavours and spices. Kudos!

The fully Halal food menu will revolve around South Asian street food.

Adil Iqbal wasn't very impressed by the service, but enjoyed the food.