A list of 26 places for you to visit and explore when you're in town.

Annually recognising the UK's very best Halal dishes and outstanding restaurants.

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Colonel Saab, Eggoland, Heritage, Masalchi, Mathura, Ramo Ramen.

Bella Cosa, Colonel Saab, Heritage, Mathura, Ramo Ramen, The Yellow Chilli.

Bill or Beak, Burger LDN, Chicago Grill, Crazy Burgerz, Eggoland, Lawless City, Smoke Daddies.

Bella Cosa, Bombay Chow, Eggoland, Heritage, Masalchi, Mathura, Ramo, Yellow Chilli.

Nominees: Bonda Kitchen, DUSK, Ekachai, Heritage, 2x Ramo, Tavah.

Nominees: Colonel Saab, E. Mono, Flamin Mangal, Heritage, Masalchi, The Shahi Nan.