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Reviews (Rest of the World)

Feed the Lion brings you the most comprehensive reviews of what’s hot and trending across the world’s Halal culinary scene

There aren't many fully Halal Chinese restaurants in the area.

We continue our tour of Cordoba with this restaurant review.

Their Moroccan tagines are better than those FtLion had in Morocco itself!

Head Chef Sefraoui has worked under 3-Michelin Chef Alain Ducasse.

A strong start to a large buffet which, by the end, had just petered out.

With one of the best burgers had, these guys know how to grill.

Artisan café at the Radisson Blu Azuri Resort in Roches Noires is consistently good.

They specialise in French fusion or 'Indonesian International European' cuisine.

Despite not being Halal, there's plenty of exciting vegan and veggie options to choose from.

With the best burger had Down Under & Japanese Wagyu, what are you waiting for?