With street food vendors that cater for Halal as well as some vegan options.

Instagram blogger Yorkshire Food Gal gives us some exciting recommendations.

Established in Dubai and Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh, it's now our turn.

With wagyu unavailable on the day, this was, at best, just about above-average.

Their focus is on flavour & they deliver this in spades. Just check out their gourmet burgers.

This is the American diner franchise's 9th restaurant overall and 6th in London.

With some tweaks and additions to the menu, this place has potential.

One of the better Halal smashed burgers we've had in recent times.

Sadly, while there isn't a fully Halal vendor, there are a few confirmed Halal-friendly ones.

And there's a staggering 18 food vendors currently catering for Halal.