This is located in a superb Grade 2 Listed building from the Art Deco era!

The multi award-winning Indian restaurant prepares to launch number three.

With award-winning BRGR.BRO, Chaiiwala and 20 other restaurants and takeaways.

With a menu revolving around Indian street food, they'll be opening later today at 5pm,

That's 25% off their entire menu for orders over £20 at their second location.

This place has all the ingredients of being even better than it currently is.

By our count, this is the Indian breakfast chains' 25th venue with more to follow.

The food didn't quite match the restaurant's impressive exterior and decor.

A menu is based on the Ayurveda principle - the ancient Indian healing system.

Choices are limited, but there are some exciting Halal options to consider here.