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Feed the Lion brings you the most comprehensive reviews of what’s hot and trending across the UK’s Halal culinary scene

This place has it all really, along with a huge range of desserts too.

Would their commercial kitchen fair better than their restaurant?

The food here surprised us with a variety of flavoursome dishes.

Well, this place certainly lived up to all its pre-launch hype.

The big showdown everyone's been waiting for. Commence grilling!

This basement hideaway is all about their dumplings, which were superb.

This place is a little hidden gem in the heart of Wembley!

'UK's first Uyghur restaurant' up there with the best of them.

Chef Dayashankar Sharma does it again with a second perfect 5/5 rating.

From those who brought you [email protected], Chook Chook, and Balham Social.