The multi-award winning chef behind FtLion's first 5/5 UK restaurant review.

The latest in a seemingly successful line of Halal McD's.

The only Halal "gourmet" joint in the area, and one that's very reasonably priced.

They offer a large and varied menu that combines traditional Anatolian cooking methods with the modern.

Although inspired by Marvel's Incredible Hulk, the Bruce Beef burger was instead the "perfect" size.

An award-winning restaurant with an extensive range of dishes including kebabs and Wagyu steak.

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across North London. (Sponsored)

Here's three places in London that serve up a delicious Halal Sunday Roast.

An extensive menu that includes, among many others, some impressive burger and steak dishes.

Tired of Nando's? This could be your answer with globally inspired finger-licking good sauces.