They're now preparing to open their 120th store later this summer.

Three friends who launched Tavah based on the motto: ‘Pakistani food with passion.’

With a resplendent interior, they offer an extensive menu with Turkish elements to it.

This is the "healthy" doner kebab franchise's 41st UK venue overall.

The Halal burger scene just got that bit more interesting with their 6th branch.

No compromises here! A restaurant that's bold and brave in the use of its spices and chillis.

A small, local eatery run by a charming Arab owner who presents a mean "gourmet" burger.

Update (30-8-17): Veyso's has confirmed that they no longer cater for Halal.

Ostrich, Llama, Buffalo & more - exotic steaks cooked by the diner on preheated volcanic rock!

In spite of a smart interior, Smoky Boys are certainly flattering to deceive.