Ghulam Haydar says this "underrated" restaurant is his wife's "death row meal".

The place to enjoy their freshly-made pizzas is downstairs in "the caves".

This place has all the ingredients of being better than it currently is.

With award-winning BRGR.BRO, Chaiiwala and 20 other restaurants and takeaways.

This Middle-Eastern inspired cafe even has an actual apple tree located inside.

Choices are limited, but there are some exciting Halal options to consider here.

With traditional dishes, this is a place to consider for those looking to try Emirati cuisine.

This market operates under Street Food Union with limited options for Halal.

Located on Wilton Street, this is a traditionally vibrant place with fresh food.

With 14 types of cuisines and 25 restaurants and eateries, this is the ultimate guide.