The fully Halal American-style diner also offers a slick online takeaway website.

A Jewish restaurant in Camden with an exciting fully Kosher and dairy-free food menu.

This is the franchise's 22nd UK venue, with plans of opening 14 more!

Offering a theatre-driven steak-cooking experience, with some room for improvement.

Unlike other awards, "no money changing hands between organisers & nominees", says ARON.

Traditional Uyghur cuisine with the handmade noodles and dumplings freshly prepared every morning!

With 4 types of chicken and 13 flavours, the restaurant will be facing stiff competition.

A newly opened Italian pizza restaurant located in the Avenues Mall.

This is the franchise's 21st UK venue, 11th London branch, with plans for seven more.

Currently in the middle of a soft opening with a 20% discount till the end of July.