A guide to Halal restaurants located in Westfield London's outdoor food court.

Ping Pan-Asian opens in London's flagship store and in Manchester's Trafford Centre.

Zayneb enjoys some XXL beef and chicken burgers along with a chocolate crepe.

The food here at this small eatery easily exceeded our expectations.

Winner of our '30 Days of Delight' Ramadan competition to the Chicken Shop.

Their byline reads: "The Best Palestinian Falafel". What it should read is: "The Best Falafel in London".

A Persian Koresh Fesenjan chicken dish by award-winning author and nutrionist.

A Sweet Milky Vermicelli Dessert made with an all-important secret ingredient!

There's a reason why #LHFF continues to lead the way in Halal food festivals.

With Qurbani lambs in short supply this year, here's four convenient online options.