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Beef & Birds launch this Wednesday with 50% discount

OFFER 50% OFF FOOD BILL – Quote ‘Feed the Lion’ to a member of staff. Valid: 29 Nov – 4 Dec


A great burger place has to have a great burger patty and I’m really proud of what we did with that. – Christian Stoner

A restaurant whose menu has been designed by an award winning chef will be opening its doors this Wednesday at 5.30pm with a 50% off promotional launch.

Beef and Birds have teamed up with Feed the Lion to offer our readers an EXCLUSIVE 50% discount off the food bill (exc. drinks) from 29 Nov – 4 Dec (QUOTE: ‘Feed the Lion’ to a member of staff before ordering).

Serving unique burgers inspired by American, European and British flavours in the heart of Brick Lane, their menu has been developed with the help of National Burger Awards winner Christian Stoner.

beef and birds National Burger Awards Christian Stoner

National Burger Awards winner Christian Stoner (right)

The former Executive Chef of well established Halal burger chain Meat and Shake told FtL: “With so many burger places in London it was important to us that it was different. Using the diversity of the Brick Lane area we tried to put some twists that people wouldn’t have seen before on both the burgers and the fried chicken. But it wasn’t just to be quirky; at the heart of it, it needed to have great burgers and great fried chicken and that’s what you’re gonna get.”

He added that “the actual cuts of beef used in the burger were a big deal. A great burger place has to have a great burger patty and I’m really proud of what we did with that.”

While their beef is “ethically sourced, grass-fed and when available matured for 29 days giving it a nice meaty flavour”, all their birds are said to be “brined in our special recipe for 24 hours to keep them nice and juicy”.

What’s more, the 46-seater restaurant “only uses the finest, freshest meat and veg” with everything being “cooked to order every day”.

And the menu certainly appears to be a fairly novel one too with starters (or Intros as they call them) that include: Dark Chocolate BBQ chicken wings, Korean wings, Brick Lane hot naga wings, and KFC or Korean Fried Cauliflower.

Of the 10 “Gourmet Burgers” available, the following fivedefinitely sound the most intriguing:

  • Texas Brisket Chilli Burger containing brisket chilli con carne, jalapenos and guacamole.
  • Clucky the Vampire Slayer with fried chicken and garlic butter.
  • Mr Boombastic that includes grilled jerk chicken.
  • New Jack City with pulled jackfruit drenched in mushroom sauce.
  • My Bollywood which revolves around a spiced veggie patty.

Christian confirmed that if he had to recommend a burger from the menu, it would be the Chilli Burger.

Beef and Birds also offer impressive ‘Kitchen Favourites’ too such as: Beef and Birds Short Ribs, which are braised and slow cooked; Truffle Mac and Cheese, which is their own take on the Southern staple; and for the health conscious, a Super Quinoa Salad.

For Sides there will be, among other options, Chilli and Maple Home Chips, Beef and Birds Poutine – fries topped with cheese curd and gravy, as well as Southern or Hot Spiced Fried Chicken.

Beef and Birds
76 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL.

T: +44 (0)20 7247 3233 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:30-22:20

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