Built Custom Burgers Ealing Broadway Haalal

BUILT Custom Burgers’ Ealing branch finally opens


Built Custom Burgers Ealing Broadway Haalal

They’ve been teasing us for a long time now having been under wraps since last year, but BUILT Custom Burgers have finally launched their first west London branch.

Having quietly opened on the High Street in Ealing Broadway, their second branch is just as big as their first in Ilford with plenty of space and seating.

While the international brand debuted in the UK back in early 2018, the opening of their Ealing branch has been some time in coming.

With locations across the US and one each in Canada and Malaysia respectively, the idea is to get everyone involved in building their own bespoke burger meal.

To build your own, there’s the choice of a quarter or half pounder followed by the choosing of a: 1) ‘Bun or Bowl [of greens]’, 2) protein “hormone & antibiotic-free” Angus beef, all-natural chicken, or Vegan Veggie, 3) a cheese, 4) sauces or dressings, 5) and ‘Free Unlimited Toppings’.

If you’re not feeling very creative, then they have half-a-dozen ‘Built for Me’ burgers, which includes the Breakfast Burger with fried egg and Halal bacon.

Burgers are also available for delivery via Deliveroo to places in and around the area.

Built Custom Burgers
22-23 High St, Ealing, London W5 5DB.

W: www.builtcustomburgers.com | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: TBC

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