Buns Burgers Nottingham

Buns pull out their burgers later today in Nottingham


DISCOUNT 10% off entire menu; quote: “Feed the Lion” before ordering (valid till 30th Nov 2019) 

Buns Burgers Nottingham

Credit: Buns

A small eatery called Buns will be launching later today to serve-up “handmade, fresh-to-order” Halal burgers in Nottingham.

While seating will be limited to around 15, Buns will soon be pulling their burgers out (trying our best to resist the urge for puns!) this afternoon at 2pm on Ilkeston Road.

We’ve teamed up with this fully Halal burger place to offer readers 10% off the entire menu (valid till 30th Nov 2019) by quoting “Feed the Lion” to a member of staff before ordering.

With six beef burgers “handmade, fresh-to-order using 100% Halal angus beef” and four buttermilk chicken breast burgers, a few we’d consider are the following:

  • Yo! Spicy Beef that’s topped with chopped fresh chillies and served in a charcoal bun.
  • Philly Cheese Steak made-up of strips of Angus Steak with mushrooms, as well as grilled peppers and onions.
  • Hot Chicken Stinger again with freshly chopped chillies (yes, we love our chillies) with buffalo and homemade siracha mayo sauces, and served in a charcoal bun.

In addition, there’s a selection of dirty fries, flavoured chicken wings such as honey glazed, and a range of shakes and drinks.

119 Ilkeston Road, Nottingham NG7 3HE.

T: +44 (0)115 841 0086 | W: @bunsburgers.uk | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-00:00

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