Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

Burger House in Ealing is ‘worth another visit’

By Hasan Rashid

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

After learning of this place in my neck of the woods through Facebook (thank you Feed the Lion!), I took advantage of their generous 25% discount and paid ’em a visit.

The Burger House in Ealing appears to be a jack-of-all-trades with loads of options that range from English and exotic breakfasts to shawarmas and burgers.

The place itself is spacious and cosy with plenty of seating; and is conveniently located in the centre of the high street.

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

Now, one thing to note is that although my friends and I put in an order that included two English breakfasts at lunch time, we were told that normally breakfasts aren’t served at that time.

However, since the place wasn’t busy (and because we asked so politely), they were kind enough to make an exception on this occasion (the Syrian owner is a lovely brother).

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

English Breakfast, £5.50

So we received the above English Breakfast that came with two sunny side up eggs placed on top of two slices of toasted white bread (I should have asked for my eggs and bread to be cooked for slightly longer), mushrooms, two slices of turkey bacon, one sausage, beans and a slice of grilled tomato.

And though it’s all standard enough, everything was cooked well, with the sausage and turkey bacon being the best part of this breakfast and made better with a good portion of meaty mushrooms.

Honestly, for £5.50 (not including said discount), this is pretty good value for money given the quality.

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

Chicken Shawarma Plate, £6.50 (wrap £4.50)

Burger House - West Ealing, London HalalMy friend ordered this Chicken Shawarma, which was, surprisingly, really well presented on a large wooden board, and came with additional salad and a bowl of garlic mayo.

Having had a slice myself, I can tell you that the chicken tasted really good; definitely nothing like the normal type ubiquitously found here, there and everywhere.

It was succulent, with good charring, and the garlic mayo was airy and really flavourful, with plenty of fresh salad.

In the end though, we concluded that next time, and in spite of the smart presentation, we’ll be ordering a wrap for two pounds less (and asking for extra garlic mayo).

We also ordered a Kofta Kebab comprised of a trio of kebabs that were well spiced, soft in texture, and full of flavour.

However, they were presented on what was a thin standard naan, which had barely been warmed through if at all, and soggy pieces of tomato and grilled onions.

All this resulted in the naan quickly soaking through before splitting apart to allow the innards to spill out quite unpleasantly.

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal

Kofta Kebab Plate, £6.50 (wrap £4.50)

In the end though, a solid first outing, with the food turning out, despite a few items on the menu appearing a little overpriced, to be above average.

Burger House (with such variety, why they decided on this restrictive name I have no idea) has enough on the menu, with some exciting dishes that include a salmon burger and a hollowed-out crusty roll we saw in their display counter which they fill with a soup, to justify another visit or two.

Burger House
45 Broadway, Ealing, London W13 9BP.

T: +44 (0)20 8566 1630 | W: @Burger-house-Ealing | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7:00-21:00

Burger House - West Ealing, London Halal burger house west ealing halal

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