Burger LDN dark kitchen halal burgers London Whitechapel

50% off Burger LDN dark kitchen in London Whitechapel


The circumstances brought on by covid along with extended lockdowns have resulted in restaurateurs adapting in the most unexpectedly exciting ways.

Even long-established Indian restaurants have been forced to think outside the spice box, with there being no better example than The Empress in east London.

Although currently closed, this curry house on Leman Street in Whitechapel has directed its experience and skills towards creating a burger business. That’s right!

Having converted a section of their premises into a dark kitchen, Burger LDN was launched only a fortnight ago with a menu that’s as well conceived as any long-standing burger brand in the game.

Having decided to go down the popular smash burger route, the owners behind The Empress have put together just over half-a-dozen burgers of exceptional quality.

Burger LDN dark kitchen halal burgers London Whitechapel

Classic Burger LDN – Classic 2 patty smash burger with gherkins, gem lettuce, house burger sauce, melted cheese and caramelised onions, £5.49

Sourcing freshly-made seeded buns on a daily basis from another long-established business in Rinkoff Bakery, these guys have gone the extra mile, such as the use of gem lettuce in place of the normal variety.

With their burgers made fresh-to-order, including all their impressive sauces inhouse made, their Classic Burger LDN is one of seven beef choices, all of which consist of a very generous pair of 3.5 oz, gorgeously caramelised patties (extra patty available for £1.25).

The Ringer Burger, as the name hints towards, houses a tenderly-seared pineapple ring coupled with gherkins, gem lettuce, house spicy sauce, melted cheese, and caramelised onions.

Burger LDN dark kitchen halal burgers London Whitechapel

Ringer Burger – Classic 2 patty smash burger with gherkins, gem lettuce, house spicy sauce, melted cheese, grilled pineapple and caramelised onions, £6.49

While there’s no messing around with the complexity of this burger, Burger LDN’s more simpler, though no less impactful, PJ Burger deals in only two main ingredients.

Here, the nutty sweetness of the smooth peanut butter is expertly countered by the sharp tartness of raspberry jam, all of which makes for an innovative burger and an altogether different choice for consideration.

While there’s also four chicken burgers to choose from, with the Chicken Classic Burger showcased here, their two fish burgers aren’t going to lie down without a word or two.

Burger LDN dark kitchen halal burgers London Whitechapel

PJ Burger – 2 Patty burger with peanut butter and house raspberry jam and melted cheese, £5.99

Although the Billingsgate Burger speaks for itself with a fresh battered piece of cod brought in from the world-famous Billingsgate market, there’s also the attractive King Prawn Butterfly Burger.

For vegetarians, while the Magic Mushroom Burger completes the picture, all their burgers can be upgraded to a meal with a drink and fries for an extra £2.50.

With four buttermilk fried wings at just £2.99, as well as skin-on or sweet potato fries, loaded fries, and potato wedges, Burger LDN not only prepare freshly-made shakes, but have exclusivity over a drinks range called Drop whose flavours of cola cubes and pear drops will stir-up nostalgic feelings of yesteryear.

FtLion has teamed up with this exciting new dark kitchen smashed burger brand to offer readers a massive 50% off the entire menu on collections only every Tuesday and Wednesday until the end of Ramadan 2021.

Burger LDN
141 Leman St, Whitechapel, London E1 8EY.

T: +44 (0)20 7427 6084 | W: @burgers.ldn | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur 17:00-00:30 | Fri-Sat 17:00-02:00

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