Burger UK impresses with its menu, not the service

By Adil Iqbal

Ended up trying out Burger UK over in Camden. The place was tiny, which I did not realise. Luckily some tables became free so we were able to get seated.

I have to first state, the service has a lot to be desired here. Given the place is small, it took forever for us to even give our order. They only had one server, which for a place of this size, should be enough; but everything just seemed haphazard. It took a good half hour before we were actually able to order.

Also, I got the impression that diners in the restaurant were playing second fiddle to the online orders coming in.

It didn’t help that when a customer came in to place an order for a takeaway, and conveyed dissapointment after being told it would be a 45-min to an hour wait, I overheard the server saying that she would ask the chef to put this order through ahead of the others to get it done quicker… err!

Anyway, aside from this, the food managed to salvage things and was worth the wait.

The menu itself is small with not much variety, which is not a bad thing in some ways; but the offerings weren’t exactly jaw dropping.

We all decided to order variations of chicken burgers. I ordered a chicken thigh burger with house sauce, which is a spicy mayo, and no house chilli, which, when I taste-tested, was not nice.

They also have a masala chilli sauce, which was hot, but didn’t really seem to pair up well with the chicken when tasted. So I played it safe and went with the spicy mayo.

My friends ordered the chicken strip burger. We didn’t want to leave without trying a beef burger, so ordered a standard 6oz beef pattie burger to split between us as a taster. On the side we had standard fries and sweet potato fries which were both tasty.

In terms of the chicken, it was perfect – crispy, crunchy, tender, and piping hot inside – just the right amount of moistness. I had American cheese in mine also and it all went well with the house sauce. Given they use chicken thigh instead of breast, I think that helped with the moistness. Was very pleased with the end result.

In terms of the beef burger, it was good. The meat was cooked to well done, but it was still moist and not dry, which was good to see.

We ordered an egg inside, but unfortunately it was not cooked sunnyside up/runny and was well done, so a bit pointless being in there.

Would have been good if they offered white caramelised onions instead of red, so we opted out of this. Was decent overall.

In all, service was awful, but food luckily made up for it. Another one knocked off the to-do list.

Burger UK
8 Ferdinand Street, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8ER.

T: +44 (0)20 7482 0438 | W: www.burgeruk.london | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00 | Sat-Sun 12:30-22:00

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