Cafe Delhi Halal Indian Restauant Leicester

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Cafe Delhi Halal Indian Restauant Leicester

“I was instantly drawn to by its sophisticated decor, frames and comfortable seating,” says Yunus

Let me introduce you to Cafe Delhi, located on Melton Road. I want to thank brother Jahinoor and a guest of mine for inviting me to his restaurant which I was instantly drawn to by its sophisticated decor, frames, and comfortable seating.

Cafe Delhi Halal Indian Restauant LeicesterCafe Delhi is a restaurant serving non-veggie as well as vegetarian dishes which, by the way, is HMC certified.

What we ordered: Sugar Cane Mojito £4.25 • Nimbu Pani (Lemon Water) £2.25 • Mix Grilled Kebab Platter for (2) £13.00 • Butter Chicken £8.50 • Goan Prawn Curry £10.50 • Samosa Chaat £5.50 • Tandoori Naans (Buttered) £2.50.

Cafe Delhi Halal Indian Restauant LeicesterInitially, I couldn’t taste the sweetness of the Sugar Cane Mojito, as it was over powered by the Lime and Mint giving me a sour taste. But they were kind enough to make me a new one, which tasted so much better; so thank you!

It was a simillar situation with my friend’s Nimbu Pani, which, once the replacement was sorted out, just needed a little sweetness added.

The Mixed Kebab Platter was okay. With a few tweaks, the Lamb Chops and Gilafi Seekh Kebabs, which were otherwise dry in texture, would’ve been alot more satisfying to eat. Nevertheless the flavours and spices were there.

The Chicken Tikka, however, tasted lovely and wasn’t dry at all. The Butter Chicken – my absoloute favorite dish – for sure tasted delicious. It was creamy and on point, with the sweetness and the texture being perfect.

Cafe Delhi Halal Indian Restauant Leicester

Butter Chicken, Prawn Curry, Samosa Chaat

The superbly flavoured Prawn Curry tasted great too, offering a delayed kick of the heat, with spices which were tolerable.

Lastly, the Samosa Chaat; it tasted fabulous, with the different flavours, roaming around on my palate, ranging from the sweet to the tangy.

Our dinner ended on a high note with a friendly owner and staff. Please note that they only accept cash and card.

Cafe Delhi
47 Melton Rd, Leicester LE4 6PN.

T: +44 (0)116 266 5500 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 16:00-21:30 | Sat-Sun 12:30-21:30

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