Chaii Garden Halal Cafe Restaurant Birmingham

Birmingham’s first ‘park & dine’ Chaii Garden launches


Chaii Garden Halal Cafe Restaurant Birmingham

Credit: Chaii Garden

The launch of Karak Chai in Manchester yesterday was later followed by the grand opening of Chaii Garden in Birmingham.

But unlike its more traditional dine-in eatery, this particular version in Sparkbrook’s Alfred Street is claiming to be “Birmingham’s first park & dine chaii venue”.

The aim of course is to stand out from an overly-brewed Brummie chaii scene that includes destinations like the well established Chaiiwala brand, as well as cafes like Mi Chaii, Chaiiology, Chai Wali, Chaska & Chaii, Karak Chaii, Chai Shai, and House of Chaii on the outskirts in Tipton.

As for Chaii Garden, then it will be serving its traditional chaii along with a range of street foods and desserts via a drive-in and drive-thru service.

The menu includes doughnuts, iced tea, waffles served with ice cream, cheesecakes, milkcakes, and garden desserts that include Gulab Jamun, Mum’s Kheer, and Ras Malai.

There’s also Savouries to consider such as Pani Puri, Sheekh Kebab in Paratha, Dhaler Bora which are lentil fritters, Samosa Chat, and more.

Chaii Garden
57A Alfred Street, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, B12 8JP.

T: +44 (0)7483 319 671 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-01:00

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  • Donuts N Chai, B19 3NL is the first park and dine place.

    26 May '21

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