A Brummie Desi Breakfast at Chaiiwala

By Aku Fu
Chaiiwala Birmingham Indian Desi Breakfast Tea Chai Daal Roti

Desi Breakfast – masala omlette, masala beans or daal, 2x classic roti or toast, includes a cup of Kraka Chai, £4.50

On a rare visit out of England (London) to good old Brum, or as a well known friend of mine calls it – BirminghamSharif, we managed to be there in time for breakfast.

On a street not too dissimilar to London’s Southall, we found ourselves in the popular Indian restaurant Chaiiwala.

The place had queues, busy as a popular place should be, and it was all for takeaway orders as well.

Luckily our group had time to sit, so we treated ourselves to most of the menu.

We started with the Desi Breakfast which had an omelette with daal and a buttery paratha – though not the type my mom used to make unfortunately.

It was a nice overall. What stood out was the daal: incredibly creamy; man it was good! I don’t know what they put in it, but it could be crème fraîche.

Chaiiwala Birmingham Indian Breakfast

Karak Chai – Comes Standard or Saffron-infused £1.50

Of course in a place called Chaiiwalla we had to have the Karak Tea, and it did hit the spot – not too sweet and not too thick.

Although it wasn’t the best I’ve had, it was still worth two helpings.

We also managed to try some themed desserts, masala chips and Falooda drink – all OK, but not what I would come back for.

Service was good, till based, and accommodating.

And though they seemed understaffed for the level of business at the time, they coped well.

Maybe there was an auntie with a tawa hiding upstairs.

Tea and daal? Yes siree Bob.

410 Ladypool Road,
Birmingham B12 8JZ.

T: +44 (0)121 449 0100 | W: chaiiwala.co.uk

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-00:00 | Sat-Sun 9:00-00:00

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