Divan Turkish Restaurant

Charcoal Grill (Turkish) – Queensbury


charcoal grill stanmore divan

Formally known as Divan, it’s now become Charcoal Grill.


This place looks more like a fast food place than a restaurant with 1980s decor to match.


But sadly, they were just too stingy with the portions. Look at the size of that naan!

Why risk losing customers only to save a few pennies?! All very confusing. What’s worse, it took 20 mins to make the whole thing.


As to to the food, then given how over priced this place is, it’s better to get a takeaway as its cheaper.

Having said all that, however, the kebab was of the highest quality.


Charcoal Grill
2.5 FTL's Roar
4.8 Pride's Roar (3 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO/ NO
Last Checked: 20/2/18
Although the place is pricey and the portions small, the unique taste combination might just make amends! The chips, naan, and rice (reheated) were, nonetheless, naff. In fact, we'd say: avoid everything but the lamb kebab.
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Charcoal Grill
229 Charlton Rd, Kenton HA3 9HU.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-23:00

T: +44 (0)20 8204 4345

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  • I think this site is reviewed by high school boys with pocket money for a budget. The reviews are so badly written its hilarious! So the rice and chips were re-heated, yet the kebab was of the highest quality?! Bro, if thats the highest quality you need to get out some more!

    29 Jul '14
    • High school boys?! It’s reviewed by honest, unpretentious and straight speaking everyday brothers, not professionally renowned food reviewists or Michelin Star inspectors you plum. If you’re looking for posh-tosh reviews to high end restaurants, go bugger off and visit the Good Food Guide :-D

      29 Jul '14
  • No one said posh reviews? But if your going to review a food service atleast show them and us the courtesy of writing with good english. The amount of non sensicle sentences makes you straight talking brothers look like the real plums. I’m not trying to be confrontational, atleast not like you “Omar”. If you’re gonna criticise restaurants for their food service, expect critiscm from your readers.

    30 Jul '14
    • Good English huh?! Well here’s some English lessons for you Mr “good english”. The word English is a proper noun so it should be capitalised, capiche? But of course you wouldn’t know that because you misspelled it twice – good going Mr “good english”.
      Moreover, I’d recommend you re-visit your high-school English lessons and understand the difference between “your” and “you’re” (you got it right one out of two; good guess Mr “good english”).
      The word nonsensical is a single word, not two separate ones (this is getting embarrassing).
      Don’t worry, I wasn’t trying to be confrontational, just picking apart your “good english”.
      And we welcome straight talking responses. Thus, if –> YOU’RE <– going to respond, be prepared to be called a plum.
      Anyway, plum; thanks for dropping by.

      30 Jul '14
  • Where is this? I went to Divans in Barcelona 2 weeks ago, found it randomly but the food was great!

    4 Jun '15
  • I honestly never understood why some Muslims even want to eat something that remotely resembles pork – regardless of wether its halal turkey. #justsaying

    4 Jun '15

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