Cinnabon’s Delightful Desserts

By Aku Fu

CinnabonWith one in Piccadilly Circus and another in Bond St. station, respectively, I’d encourage you to try Cinnabon’s yummy offerings.

These dessert parlours will normally be found in Dubai and the like, but they’re now here in the UK.

These guys sell unique pastry style bread, more specifically, cinnamon flavoured twisted bread covered in gooey sauce of your choice.

The ones I had were nuts and chocolate and sticky treacle.

And I can tell you that these hot buns hit the spot.

Of the two, and this is based on the fact that I’m a choc-a-holic, the nuts and choclate did it for me (though I should have gone choc all the way).

But that’s not to say that the stick treacle wasn’t good, to the contrary.

It was sticky and just sweet enough not to over haul the delicate taste of the subtly sweet pastery.


Sticky Treacle (left), Nuts and Chocolate (right)

Did I say these are yummy?

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