Dessert Lab Moseley Birmingham Halal

Huge Dessert Lab opens in Birmingham’s Moseley

Dessert Lab Moseley Birmingham Halal Crepe Waffles Sundaes Henley Ice Cream

Crumble aux Pommes, or Apple Crumble Crepe

An ambitious dessert restaurant opened yesterday on the south-side of Birmingham with a capacity of over 100.

Dessert Lab is aiming to serve “some of the best desserts in Moseley Village” on Alcester Road.

With “state of the art, top of the range waffle and crepe makers”, Moseley’s first “dessertery”, as it calls itself, will not only be offering tasty treats such as waffles, classic crepes and sundaes, but also milkshakes, mocktails, hot chocolates, and speciality teas and coffees too.

Owners Madasser Ali and Akram Almulad have reportedly said that they intend to “bring an authentic taste of desserts not just for the young among us, but also desserts with a sophistication so all can enjoy”.

As such, they have has partnered up with Henley Ice Cream, a well known company situated in Arden that has been producing high quality ice cream since the 1930s.

So whether it be Terry’s Chocolate Orange cookie dough, fruit and ice-cream topped Belgian waffles, bannoffee sundaes, or crumble aux pommes (apple crumble crepe), all made fresh and inhouse, Dessert Lab now appears to be the go-to dessert parlour in Moseley to get your sugar rush.

Dessert Lab
109 Alcester Road, Moseley,
Birmingham B13 8DD.

T: +44 (0)7477 194411 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: TBC

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