Dill Desi Halal Indian Food Curry Home Delivery

20% off Dill Desi delivering ‘healthy’ homemade Indian curry

Dill Desi Halal Indian Food Curry Home Delivery

#GuiltFreeIndianFood (images credit: Dill Desi)

Everyone should be able to enjoy Indian food, completely guilt-free – Adil Sayeed, Dill Desi founder

An exciting new food delivery service has introduced a delicious range of healthy, home-cooked curries to the market that can be enjoyed without piling on the calories.

Going by the hashtag #GuiltFreeIndianFood, Dill Desi is a London-based company which specialises in South Indian cuisine inspired by recipes from the city of Hyderabad.

Not only is their food “100% halal certified”, but the majority of their frozen meals, freshly made using the highest quality ingredients, boast less than 500 calories.

Committed to providing “healthier options of authentic homemade Indian food”, Dill Desi founder, Adil Sayeed, believes, “Everyone should be able to enjoy Indian food, completely guilt-free.”

Originally from Hyderabad himself, Adil has created a selection of appetisers, mains and side dishes ideal for microwaving and ready to serve in less than 3 minutes.

With all ready meals delivered nationwide (UK mainland only), Dill Desi have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that your food is delivered at its optimal best, with insulated boxes utilising ice packs to maintain freshness.

Dill Desi Halal Indian Food Curry Home Delivery

Nationwide delivery (mainland only) on Wednesdays and Thursdays!

What’s on the Dill Desi menu?

You can enjoy the classic flavours of the region with dishes like their sweet and spicy street food special, Chicken 65, that’s glazed in a glossy sauce before being deep-fried, and contains just 310 kCals.

For mains, be sure to try their signature homemade Dill Desi Chicken Curry that’s spiced using their very own secret spice mix.

Dill Desi Halal Indian Food Curry Home Delivery

Dill Desi dishes less than 500 kCals

Of course, you can’t mention Hyderabad and not think of their world famous biryanis? In this case, and starting at just £8.50, Dill Desi offer a choice of surprisingly healthy chicken or lamb Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.

While a larger range of vegan and vegetarian options are in the pipeline, currently you can consider their rich Paneer Saag, that’s stewed in coconut milk until thick and creamy; grilled Paneer Skewers, which are marinated in yoghurt and Indian spices; or their creamy Dal Tadka of mixed lentils.

And with their food being prepared and packed in such a way as to last upto 3 months in the freezer, there’s every reason to order in bulk and enjoy at your convenience.

With a minimum spend of £25 (fully tracked delivery is £6.50), putting in your order couldn’t be easier. Simply visit their website www.dilldesi.co.uk:

  • Choose your favourite meals based on your preferences and calories.
  • Wait for your order to be dispatched on a Wednesday or Thursday (more time slots coming soon).
  • Once delivered, unpack and enjoy your fresh and healthy meals, without forgetting to share them and tag Dill Desi (@dilldesilondon) across social media.


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