Notting Hill’s Egg Break has plenty of veggie brunch options

By Aku Fu
HALAL STATUS • Non-Halal • Veggie options “prepped & cooked separately” with “no risk of cross-contamination”

Egg Break Notting Hill London Turmeric Lattes

Turmeric Latte £4.00 each

So we heard of this place Egg Break famous for its brunch. Not personally a believer in the “Eat breakfast like a king…” saying, I decided to give in to another’s will and head out early.

Located in trendy Notting Hill and on a back road parallel to the high street, there was a mass of people queuing outside what looked like a small cafe.

Egg Break Notting Hill London Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate £4.00

Not a fan of waiting, we put down our name anyway and walked across to Itsu for a Sushi appetizer, before heading back a half hour later, and let in with the next batch of frozen urbanites.

What looked like a small cafe, however, turned out to be a ram packed, 2-floored, multi-roomed cavern including a basement.

It goes to show what an original menu can do along with, I presumed, good food.

Although not Halal, it had a lot of vegetarian options. With a bit of a hippy, far-out, trendy atmosphere – or maybe that’s how I was feeling that day – it was nice to have alternative brekky options over what’s otherwise available as standard on the high street.

Egg Break Notting Hill London Mexican Omelet

Mexican omelette with avocado, chilli, spring onion, queso fresco and coriander (V), £11.00

The waitress mentioned the Turkish Eggs were popular, so this is what I ordered.

With most things coming in hearty portions, we also ordered Hot Chocolate and two Turmeric Lattes (I am told turmeric has health benefits), which were nice if a bit powdery.

The Turkish Eggs came in an oily though yoghurty Iskandar kebab style setup – the soft runny eggs and yoghurt just about working – while the Mexican Omelet was gigantic.

Egg Break Notting Hill London Turkish Eggs

Turkish Eggs – poached eggs, dill yoghurt, chilli and a cheese toastie (V), £11.00

As for the off-menu Caramelized Bananas we ordered along with the innovated Pancake stack, then these turned out a bit too icky and dark for it.

All the breakfast dishes were nice in an alternative way, but all a bit bland really. Nothing really stuck out to make us desperate enough to go back.

Egg Break Notting Hill London Pancake Stack Caramelized Bananas

Sweet Potato Rosti – with goats cheese, honey, pinenuts, dill yoghurt and poached eggs (V) £10.00 (left); Pancake Stack  – with caramelised banana, brown butter maple syrup, £9.50 (right)

The atmosphere, the fresh ingredients, and the menu, however, gives credence to the queues outside.

The bill at the end was pricier than I would have thought; but then again, this is hip and happening Notting Hill!

Egg Break
30 Uxbridge St, Notthing Hill, London W8 7TA.

T: +44 (0)203 535 8300 | W: | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00-19:00

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