Fatburger Camden to dispute ‘Hygiene Emergency’ notice

A Halal burger restaurant is looking to appeal against a closure notice issued by its local authority for a “significant mice infestation”.

Fatburger in Camden was deemed a “health risk” and forced to close last week after the borough’s Environment Department served it a “Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice”.

Fatburger Camden Environment Department Prohibition Notice

The notice claims “significant mice infestation found uncontrolled and widespread” on the premise.

But the restaurant’s owner has informed FtLion: “The situation was not as what was written on the notice and is currently with our lawyers who are dealing with the council directly on this matter.”

Affixed to the store front window on 14th Feb, the notice read: “Significant mice infestation found uncontrolled and widespread allowing direct contamination of food contact equipment, hand contact surfaces and materials used for food takeaway, posing an imminent risk to the public health.”

The order falls under section 8 of ‘The Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013’ act.

This statutory paper says that such a notice can be issued “[i]f an authorised officer of an enforcement authority is satisfied that the health risk condition is fulfilled with respect to any food business”.

Fatburger looking to dispute notice

But Fatburger UK insists that it was “a very small, isolated mice infestation issue”.

With the restaurant now back open for business, the franchise told FtLion: “This issue was isolated, very small and occurred close to the fire exit door by the back alleyway and was in no way due to uncleanliness or hygiene related factors within the kitchen or the food storage areas.”

The fast food brand said: “We are also going to be appealing the original decision as we do not believe it warranted a shutdown of the premises and loss of business.”

It added: “Fatburger is now back open for business, and we can give full assurance to all our customers that we will continue to maintain our very high food hygiene standards moving forwards. We are of course a restaurant that highly values the trust of our customers, and have always focused on the utmost quality of hygiene throughout the years, proven with our most recent hygiene rating of 4 stars.”

With two locations in the country, the second in Wembley is under entirely different management and currently enjoys a perfect hygiene rating of 5.

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