ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners

Feed the Lion Awards 2016…

The Best of Britain’s Halal Culinary Scene in 2016…

Where do we start with 2016? This was a year that was anything but predictable. In a dramatic turn of events, Brexit saw Britain exit Europe. While across the Atlantic shores, a seismic political shift saw the introduction of the old sage, Donald Trump! And yet, amidst this chaos and uncertainty, one thing remained a constant: this country’s Halal culinary scene, which continued its growth of excellence; a trend no better demonstrated than by the many outstanding restaurants Feed the Lion had the pleasure of reviewing.

It was only fair, therefore, that we play our part in appreciating this fact by recognising and awarding the very best of this country’s Halal culinary scene. At the same time, we wanted you to vote for some of your favourites too. And, thus, we introduce our very first, Feed the Lion Awards 2016

ftl awards best new reataurant darbaar halal

Darbaar exhibited pedigree, class and confidence, and represented the achievements of chef, Abdul Yaseen, at the top of his game.



ftl awards best new burger brioche burger halal

Super Sayien – 6oz Wagyu beef, Monterey Jack cheese, pepper relish, crispy cabbage, egg yolk curls, olive dust and red pepper mayo, £14.99. Need we say more!

RUNNER UP: Flaming CowVintage Burger – a 40-day dry aged 8oz beef patty, American cheese, diced white onion, gherkins, house mayo, ketchup & mustard. £9.00

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Brioche Burger

hs&co ftl awards best new steak hsandco halal

Fillet Steak – Cut from the Tenderloin, this was a lean, succulent steak (200g) with little fat. Recommended not to be cooked more than medium rare. £20.50

RUNNER UP: Meat House London – 14-day dry-aged Tomahawk 17oz. £34.95

PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Brioche Burger

ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners Best Fine Dining Darbaar Abdul Yaseen Darbaar

More precisely, Indian fine dining at its finest. Not only was the food of the highest standard, but also the lavishly designed interior. Wall-mounted elephant heads and statues, as well as talwaars and shields is what you’ll find decorating the reception area and the corridor as you make your way through to the large dining area of Darbaar.

ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners casual dining Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen wowed us with both its food and its ethos. The place is elegantly designed with an interior comprised of marble, timber and leather that’s said to be “inspired by the five elements, namely: fire, water, wood, earth and metal”.

RUNNER UP: Tabahi Karahi

ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners new curry house Darbaar Abdul Yaseen Darbaar

Delicate balance of spices, incredible flavours and intricate textures is what made this restaurant a memorable one.

ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners brioche burger improved menu

With a Chef who’s acquired his skills and applied his trade in some of Europe’s top Michelin Star restaurants, Brioche Burger has certainly raised the bar (review coming soon) with a revamped menu.

ftl feed the lion halal awards 2016 winners recognition award Abdul Yaseen Darbaar

Having made his name working at Chef Vivek Singh’s Cinnamon Club and Cinnamon Kitchen for a decade, Abdul Yaseen went solo last year to launch his first restaurant, Darbaar.

RUNNER UP: Chris (Burgista Bros) Large

And there you have it. Until next year…

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