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The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Drinks

So we opted to try two of the specials and two normal mocktails. From the specials was the Cranberry & Pomegranate, a wonderful, light yet sensational mix of the two fruits. A sweet berry burst describes this best. Definitely something which reminded us of a tango ice blast with the flavour. If you’re a lover, this is a must try! The Fig and the Olive Blackburn DrinksIrn Bru mojito was a great mix of an Irn Bru and a mojito. Fizz tastic!

From the menu, was the Lemon & Lime – an all-round traditional mojito made for those that don’t experiment with their taste buds. The Passionfruit was sweet and tangy with a tropical twist. This drink has to be one that sits perfectly on a beach. Definitely a summer vibe.

Overall, we sure were impressed with these drinks. From the fantastic presentation, to the mixology, and of course the burst of flavours. Something that suited everyone and surprisingly every choice of flavour was loved by its drinker. That surely says enough.

You’ve most certainly started this one off on a good note.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Mezze Cold Platter

Mezze Platter – Falafel, hummus, pitta, tomato salad, olives, yoghurt, £4.50

With a variety to choose from, we thought we’d start off with the cold mezze platter. Consisting of falafel, hummus, pitta, olives and tomato salad (aka tabbouleh), the cold mezze was an all-round winner for all. The hummus freshly and smoothly blended paired well with the tangy olives.

The falafels were slightly on the dry side; however a bite of pita bread with a dollop of hummus made for a perfect combo. We all enjoyed the crisp tabbouleh. But to improve it, it could be chopped slightly finer for a real experience. Definitely hit all the right spots in terms of flavour though.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Mezze Hot Platter

Mezze Hot Platter

For hot starters we had another mezze, which wasn’t from the menu as such, but was made up of ‘mac and cheese bites’, ‘curly fries’, ’jalapeno bombers’ and ‘nachos mega’. This was that perfect mix of all the hot bites.

The mac and cheese bites were heavenly – so smooth and creamy and literally melted in your mouth. A must try! You then have your standard jalapeno bombers, which are mini jalapenos stuffed with a creamy filling and coated with crunchy breadcrumbs. To add to this tasty selection, who can say no to a portion of crispy, fresh curly fries? Definitely not us! Last but certainly not least, was our favourite of all the bites, the ‘nachos mega’. Now this was something we have not come across before – a little package of cheese, jalapeno and salsa. We would seriously go back just to have these divine bites again.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Burger Prawns

Red Velvet & Black Prawns

The Red Velvet & Black Prawns were literally a moment of ‘expect the unexpected’. We’ve got to say though, half of us that do like prawns, loved the idea. Literally a king prawn coated in coloured breadcrumbs. Slightly more crispier than we expected, but was still something different, yet enjoyable, with the perfect side dip, adding that kick!

One thing though, the black breadcrumb did have a slightly stronger aftertaste, making it seem like it was a little burnt. Whether this was psychological or the true flavour in the moment, I guess you’ll only ever find out when you give it a try.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Lamb Chops

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Lamb ChopsThe all rounder favourite – lamb chops!

Tender and juicy, yet succulent pieces of meaty goodness, drizzled in a beautiful sauce.

A starter you can’t really go wrong with.

Despite the fact we literally had most of this selection cold (at our own choice), we still enjoyed it to the point we needed a little break before the mains.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

Something that really stood out for us, had to be the Sunday Roast. It was just like a classic Sunday roast, but with a slight desi twist. The lamb was so soft and full of empowering flavours that just burst in your mouth with every bite. If, like some of us, you are not so keen on red meat, then this is the perfect dish to ease you into it – soft and tender lamb pieces in a large Yorkshire pudding with perfectly roasted veg and potatoes, that were sure roasted to perfection – that combination between a crunchy and soft like bite.

The gravy however was slightly on the thick side. With a little thinner consistency, it would of perfected this whole dish.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Burger

Pink Panther Burger

Another dish that was rather unusual and surely stood out, was the pink panther burger. This was fascinating to not only look at, but to eat. The chicken was perfectly marinated throughout and the special sauce gave it an unexpected kick. We would most certainly eat again. If you are a sucker for a good burger, then this is one not to be missed. The jerk chicken was something grilled to perfection. The ease with which the chicken came off the bone was amazing. Not much fuss, but to just simply focus on enjoying it while it lasts. Served with fries which were yum. A great saucy Caribbean like twist to this dish, which was delightful.

We must say presentation doesn’t always mean nice tasting food. However, The Fig and the Olive have got both in the bag. All food was served so wonderfully and looked as appetising as it tasted. From the pink-coloured burger bun, to the large T-Bone steak, which sat beautifully in the plate, made even the non-meat eater amongst us drool. Enough said?

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn T-bone Steak

T-bone Steak £15.95 – all steaks served with curly fries, roast potatoes & seasonal veg finished with homemade peppercorn sauce (Fri-Sun only)

We’ve got to point out that this was one of THE nicest steaks we’ve ever had, hands down! The most tender, succulent yet well cooked steak. From the juiciness of this dish to the chewy consistency, but nothing that means you’ll be chewing for a good while until you’ve eventually enjoyed it. None of that.

One thing we really would’ve liked to be served alongside this would definitely be some sort of dip; peppercorn/creamy peppercorn. It would’ve without doubt hit the spot completely. Let’s simply leave it there, with the best till last.

To sum up, the final ratings we’d give the mains as a whole would definitely be a strong 8.5-9/10. Nothing too major. Just a bunch of slightly picky eaters, lol.
We’ll most certainly be back for these appetising dishes and even more.

The overall flavours in each one of the main dishes were uniquely distinct. Combined perfectly in a way which truly worked well together.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn

A heavenly trio of desserts: Cornflake Tart, Churros, and Sticky Toffee Pudding. You can’t go to a restaurant without indulging in the desserts.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Dessets

Cornflake Tart – served with custard £3.95

If you’ve ever had school dinner back in the day, you will have had a cornflake tart. This pudding will definitely bring back those childhood memories. It was hands down the most perfect cornflake tart we have ever tasted – from the pastry base to the perfectly chewy, soft cornflake topping, and the warm silky custard. We haven’t even seen anything like this in a dessert parlor, let alone restaurant. We’re definitely suckers for an old school dessert. Just to put things into perspective, we would definitely travel all the way to Blackburn just for this.

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Desserts Churros

Churros with Nutella £3.45

The fresh Churros were served with warm melted Nutella. Most certainly an impeccable duo. The churros were a combination of soft texture and perfect crunch. Just how they should be!

The Fig and the Olive Blackburn Brownie

Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream or custard £4.45

The Sticky Toffee Pudding is known to be a British favourite. This pudding at The Fig and the Olive had an excellent moist, cakey combination, with the sugary treacle toffee sauce will make you eat every last bite. Served on a hot skillet, you’ll be drawn into this hot indulgence. Perfectly served with custard or even better, a dollop of ice-cream. Now these definitely topped off our dine. Beyond impressed and most certainly satisfied.

A big thank you to @thefig_theolive for inviting us down to try their menu! From the exceptional welcoming service, to the immaculate dishes, and eye for detail. We were blown away! We’ve got to say, the patience they had, and the extremely fast and accommodating service, was something that stood out for to us. Each and every member of staff made us feel welcome. We can’t thank you enough for the overall dine and generosity.

The Fig and the Olive
254 Shear Brow, Blackburn BB1 8DS.

T: +44 (0)1254 602 154 | W: thefigandtheolive.co.uk | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon CLOSED | Tue & Sun 10:00-20:00 | Wed-Sat 10:00-22:00 | Fri 16:00-22:00

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