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Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

“Organic & natural food cooked through air-baking!”

Good Stuff is a healthy-living and eco-friendly fast food-oriented restaurant, which, for all intents and purposes, attempts to make you feel good about what you eat. And there’s a wonderful concept behind it all too.

Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait RestaurantEverything served here is air baked, and therefore, meant to be good for you. It’s a matter of always thinking about yourself and what you eat, thereby creating that healthy lifestyle.

There’s a relatively small indoor seating capacity of 15, along with some lovely outdoor seating, which makes this place just perfect for enjoying the sun alongside some good, wholesome food. A perfect way to kick start your day, be it a smoothie or a salad bowl.

No plastic is used for anything here. Instead, there’s paper plates, paper bowls, tissues and even paper cutlery. The impression we got was if you do something, you ought to do it right. As such, the chairs are made from 100% recycled bottles and glass tables.


Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

Moana (left), Roxana (right) smoothies – 1.950 KD each

The Moana was a pineapple and mango smoothie, with Chia seeds, organic coconut water, lemon and honey, making this more of a juice than a smoothie, perhaps thanks to the coconut water used in place of the milk.

This will probably split the crowd, which, in our case, had one Lion loving it, and the other unable to get past the tasting stage.

The Roxana was quite the opposite though, both in terms of flavour and consistency. With organic milk, flax seeds, strawberry, banana, along with honey and agave for sweetness, this was of a thicker consistency, which made it quite a filling one. You’ll definitely be tasting real fruits in this one and probably be feeling all healthy when all is said and done. Not like your standard sugar-filled smoothies, that’s for sure. Everything tastes natural, which is wonderful.


Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

Thai Peanut salad – 3.300 KD

A Thai Peanut and green salad of crunchy and nourishing goodness, with breadcrumb chicken breast strips, which offered a kick of chilli. Juxtaposed with some Thai seasoning, it all came together to deliver ongoing bursts of flavour throughout.

The addition of the mandarin slices added a sweet, juicy touch, which was accompanied by the crunch of the peanuts. Uniquely wonderful!

Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

Tijuana Chicken bowl – 3.450 KD

This is essentially a burrito style bowl, which contained all that you’d want in any bowl. A perfect balance of rice and healthy chicken, along with a great mix of vegetables, topped with creamy chipotle yogurt.

The seasoned chicken felt very light leaving the filling to do most of the talking. The ripe avocados were a well-chosen topping too in this Tijuana Chicken dish, helping cut through things.

In short, a bit of everything you could crave all at once is contained in this Mexican delight.

Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

Chicken Avacado wrap – 2.350 KD

A spinach wrap filled with avocado, salad and natural chicken breast, along with a sensational creamy yoghurt ranch sauce mixture, combined to produce mouth-watering flavours that made this one of our favourites had on the day. A real heavenly moment when it comes to wraps.

What’s more, while this was a very filling meal, it wasn’t heavy, but all-green, leaving us actually feeling healthy and clean. Definitely something we would get again, and perfect for lunch or on the go.

Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

The Original – 2.250 KD

This beef burger was fresh, light, and full of flavour. The meat was well cooked and seasoned courtesy of the aromatic spices, and rested atop a bed of garden lettuce that was beautifully green and crisp.

The most impressive thing about this burger though, was the fact that not only was it as juicy and as soft as you can imagine, but so delicately tender that it simply didn’t need any sauce. A big thumbs up from us!


Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant

Sweet Potato (Regular) 0.750 KD, French Fries (Regular) 0.650 KD

The sweet potato fries were soft on the inside, yet crispy on the out. Additionally, these neither felt fried nor drenched in oil. In fact, these were as light as you’d want.

As for their normal counterpart, then these were slightly more crispy than soft, perhaps being over-cooked or down to their thinnes. Nevertheless, they again felt light.


Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait Restaurant cookie

Cookies – 0.850 KD

Good Stuff Organic halal Kuwait RestaurantSoft and moist chocolate-cranberry cookies, with a perfectly sweet taste that we all really enjoyed.

Actually, if you’re seeking after something light and healthy, these would be it.

Oat-based cookies that were filled with dark chocolate chips, making this deliciously good.

We’d recommend this all the way!

Good Stuff
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Good Stuff is a beautiful place, with a truly well thoughtout concept and approach revolving around what's known as "air baking".

Whether you’re into your food and nutrients or not, this place welcomes all. In spite of possible perceptions that this is a place of ‘healthy’ food and ‘diets’, the food is the same as your standard takeaway, but with beneficial aspects to it. What it certainly isn't is that bland tasting, super grain type food. Instead, it’s all about making you realise that you can enjoy a good old burger, or anything else for that matter, provided it's done a particular way.

Restaurant owner Shireen Al Hasawi, a former athlete, has, indeed, come up with something creative and remarkable, which reflects her active lifestyle.

In this case, air baking is used as a process of cooking everything they serve. It controls the juiciness, crispiness, heat, etc. For each thing made, settings are adjusted to suit the needs and preferences. However, one thing to point out is that as a result, the food does appear to lose its heat quicker than it would otherwise. In any case, eat things here for what they are and you’ll sure be in for a great treat.

Discounts can be had through gyms and various organisations; and there's promotional offers here from time to time.

Menu Recommendation

Drink - Roxana

Main - Chicken Avacado Wrap

Dessert - Cookies

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Good Stuff
Mubarak Al Kabir Governorate, Funaitees (inside The Lake Complex Funaitees).

T: +965 2202 5008 | W: @goodstuff_kw | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00-00:00

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