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Headless staff!!! Moral? Never play with bullets! :)

Are those bullets for i’s in their logo?!

This looks more like a shop sign to a gun store than a take away! Let’s hope they haven’t been grilled by the anti-terror squad.

Despite the logo, however, the interior design was surprisingly unique with extra seating downstairs (and not a Kalashnikov in sight).

Having only opened a fortnight ago, it was clean, colourfully vibrant, and even had a traditional woven bed used in certain parts of the Indian subcontinent called a Charpai, Charpaya or Charpoy aka Manjaa or Manji aka Khatt, Khaatt or Khattra.

It’s quite clear from the menu that this is more a fast food joint than a restaurant.

With “Mission: Kebab” as their byline, it was only appropriate that we literally try their kebabs. @£2.50, the large turned out to be a bargain given the size of the portion! The best part was that the chef resorted to using a hand-held fan to properly stoke the small on-site coal BBQ.


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Unfortunately, these weren't as outstanding as they look. They were tasty, but lacked the necessary spice. Compared to say, Divan (some of the best kebabs out there), these where good, but not great. In our opinion, these come in 4th on the list after Divan, Ruby's and Kebabish.
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  • Kebabs look tasty. What else do they do?

    25 Aug '15

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