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Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke Pepsi

15% off Gusto Organic: The ethical alternative to big brand cola

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Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke Pepsi

Their award-winning Real Cola (all images credited to: Gusto Organic)

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The cola market in the UK is worth a staggering £9 billion annually and accounts for nearly 70% of all soft drink sales.

The sector has been predictably dominated by both Coca-Cola and Pepsi for a long time, until now.

With an increasing number of customers, chefs, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers looking for real alternatives to big brand cola, change is most certainly in the air.

We always come at our colas from an ingredients, flavour, and ethical trading perspective – Gusto Organic founder, William Fugard

And one company that is disrupting the sector like no other, with premium colas that are turning the conventional kind on their head, is Gusto Organic.

Not only are they fast establishing themselves as the go-to alternative cola brand in the UK and international markets, but doing so with people and planet at the core of their ethos.

“The reasons for people switching out from big brand cola are varied,” says Gusto Organic founder and chief mixologist, William Fugard.

“A 2023 audit by campaign group Surfers Against Sewage found Coca-Cola, for instance, to be not only the biggest polluter in the UK for the fourth year running, but also responsible for a fifth of all branded plastic pollution.

“From a political perspective, the Friends of Al-Aqsa are running a campaign to boycott Coca-Cola for having built a factory in Atarot – an illegal Israeli settlement under international law,” he adds.

Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke Pepsi

Only organic cherry cola on the planet!

Gusto Organic vs big brand cola

But what really separates Gusto Organic from the competition is that they’ve “always come at our colas from an ingredients, flavour, and ethical trading perspective”.

“Using organic ingredients, we create our cola flavour with a blend of organic spices and essential oils, the finest neroli oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, and coriander.”

Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke PepsiTo this end, William further reveals that in place of synthetic caffeine made from ammonia, and found in big brand cola, Gusto use the plant-based African cola nut, which contains a mild stimulant called Theobromine that literally translates as ‘food of the gods’.

And ever wondered where the big brand cola gets its distinctive bite?

“From phosphoric acid – an industrial rust remover and preservative that is linked to reduced bone density and osteoporosis,” William declares.

“At Gusto we use organic lemon juice for our distinctive tang – lemon juice promotes the absorption of calcium, is a wonderful natural ingredient and tastes fantastic too.”

William has also aligned his company’s ethical-sourcing of ingredients with businesses that give back to communities contributing to the success of Gusto Organic.

“We sweeten with Fairtrade organic agave that benefits farmers in Mexico with a decent price for their crop. Agave has a lower glycaemic index than refined sugar so will not create chaotic blood sugar spikes and cravings.

“Likewise, we add warmth and luxury with Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla. The vanilla-farmers of Madagascar are some of the poorest in-work people on the planet. Fairtrade gives them dignity and a fair wage.”

Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke Pepsi

Gusto Organic’s award-winning product range

Gusto’s commitment towards investing in fine ingredients, while diligently monitoring and managing their supply chain, has made 2023 a memorable year for them.

Not only have their Real Cola, Naturally Slim Cola, and Real Cherry Cola been awarded the prestigious Great Taste Awards, but their Real Cola also won ‘Best Soft Drink’ and ‘Best Mixer’ in the Great British Food awards as judged by chefs and mixologists.

In fact, being packed with organic cherry juice, Gusto Organic’s best-selling Real Cherry Cola has the distinction of being the only organic cherry cola on the planet!

Alongside their colas, there’s also a sparkling Sicilian Blood Orange that’s made with whole fresh organic blood oranges from Mount Etna in Sicily, the largest active volcano in Europe.

While a super-premium Sicilian lemon with Yuzu blends the world’s finest lemons with the juice and peel of Yuzu fruit grown outside Valencia, their Fiery Ginger contains fresh organic Peruvian ginger juice and jalapeno.

Gusto Organic Halal Cola Soft Drink Beverage Coke Pepsi

Alternative to ‘cheap’ soft drinks targeting kids

Gusto are also on a mission to reset the dial on soft drinks aimed at kids, but which contain cheap chemical ingredients, as well as artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives.

They offer an incredible range of six soft drinks which are exciting enough for kids to embrace, but mature enough for adults to enjoy more formally.

Just take Gusto’s Original Energy as an example of the brand’s ingenuity – an organic, wellbeing drink that harnesses the power of guarana and cola nut.

With all bases covered, not only are all their drinks free from refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, but most importantly, Gusto are now available across the UK, Northern Europe, the Middle East, and Singapore.

In addition to being this year’s sponsor of the prestigious #FtLionAwards, Gusto Organic have also partnered with Feed the Lion to offer an exclusive 15% off their product range.

Visit their store www.drinkgusto.uk and enter the code: LION15 at check out (valid until 31 December 2023).

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