Ever wished cinema hot dogs were halal???

Halal Wembley Cinema Hotdog

Remember visiting the cinema and catching a whiff of those hot dogs you knew you could never have (not permissibly anyway)?

Wembley Cineworld CinemaWell, we’ve just received reliable information that the cinema complex at Wembley Retail Park, namely Cineworld, are offering halal hot dogs!

A Lion member has told us that it’s “one of the best dogs [he’s] have ever had” insisting that they have “got to be tried! (although could be better as the optional onions are packet dried onions only).

Although mustard and ketchup can be added, our Lion has suggested getting them to add nacho cheese sauce on top (though he has yet to try this himself).

Above all, however, we need some pics of this groundbreaking hot dog, and that’s where you guys come in. If anyone does go down, we’d love to hear from you including any good pics you can take.


Update  – Check the blog from a local Lion and his experience devouring this big mama of a hot dog.


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