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Halalnivore – Gourmet Meat Club (with FtL BBQ)

halalnivorelogobigIf you love meat, then you’re bound to love Halalnivore – a “Gourmet Meat Club” that offers to deliver the freshest quality cuts of meat straight to your door.

Having recently launched their website during the blessed month of Ramadan, Halalnivore’s delivery service (nationwide in the UK, including the Isle of Wight and the Scottish Highlands) is simple: any order placed before 12pm on a Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday the same week, otherwise the following Thursday.

GrillBoxAnd their website is as clean, appealing and as intuitively friendly as they come, with the following five curated meat boxes – each one more ambitious and more appealing than the last – to currently choose from:

  1. The Starter Box – 10 burgers & 4 steaks, £39.99
  2. The Burger Box – 30 beef burgers & 15 lamb burgers, £59.99
  3. The Steak Lover Box – 10 steaks, £69.99
  4. The Grill Box – 20 burgers, 10 steaks & 10 lamb chops , £109.99
  5. The Meat Lover Box – 30 burgers, 16 steaks, 10 lamb chops, 5 gigot chops & 2 lamb shanks, £169.99

Halalnivore also have a blog that’s certainly worth bookmarking called The Butchers Block which has unique steak rub ideas, as well as tips and methods for cooking your steaks to perfection.

butchersblockbigAlas, temptation got the better of us. Having put in an order for The Grill Box on Monday, we promptly received our box, securely and expertly packaged, on the Thursday. We were especially impressed with the delivery service.

From the time we placed our order to the knock on the door, the entire process went smoothly and by the number.

With regular email notifications at each given stage – order confirmation, UPS delivery booking confirmation, delivery ETA, and delivery confirmation, we were delighted to receive the following:


Also, included therein were these smart little steak rub recipe cards:

Tex-Mex Steak Rub - Halanivore
New York Steak Rub - Halanivore

GrillBox-altAs promised, Halalnivore ensured that our order would be delivered fresh, with the meat kept “chilled in a fridge” but never frozen.

The packaging was very well crafted too with hydrated ice blocks being used and protective insulation to make certain of the contents being kept at a constant temperature, thereby ensuring that the meat reached us ultra fresh.

The Grill Box – Contents

2 x 10oz Australian Rump Steaks & 4 x 6oz Lamb Rump Steaks

Rump Steak 10oz - Halanivore
Rump Steak 10oz - Halanivore

2 x 8ox Brazilian Sirloin Steaks

Sirloin Steak 8oz - Halanivore
Sirloin Steak 8oz - Halanivore

2 x 8oz Brazilian Rib-eye Steaks

Rib-Eye Steak 8oz - Halanivore
Rib-Eye Steak 8oz - Halanivore

2 x 7oz UK Beef Fillet Steaks

Fillet Steak 7oz - Halanivore
Fillet Steak 7oz - Halanivore

10 x 6oz Angus Beef Burgers & 10 x 5oz Lamb Burgers

10 6oz Beef Burgers - Halanivore

10 5oz Lamb Burgers - Halanivore

10 x Lamb Cutlets

20 Lamp Cutlets - Halanivore

Now since this was named The Grill Box, it only made sense that we grill these.

And what better way to do that than a good old iftar barbecue.

In this case, Feed the Lion’s annual Ramadan BBQ:

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal foodhalalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

halalnivore meat steak burger bbq halal food

When Halalnivore says that they are “sourcing high quality meat that is cut to perfection and is delivered fresh to your door”, and that the reason why they “use the word ‘Gourmet’ [is] because the meat we supply is used in fine dining restaurants”, you better believe it! The selection of cuts here are top notch; that’s all we have to say.

Halalnivore has a number of initiatives planned for the not too distant future that include:

  • The development of a ‘build your own box’ section on their website.
  • The launch of a subscription service where you’ll be able to receive a box of your choice every month; hence the term: Gourmet Meat Club.
  • Expanding their portfolio to include a larger variety and cuts of meat, such as… *drum roll*… Wagyu beef!
  • And the introduction of a ‘home box’ intended for everyday use that’ll have things like mince meat, chicken breasts, etc.

Now, take our word and give this company a try for yourselves! You won’t help, but be impressed.

halalnivore logo meat steak burger


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  • It looks amazing! Your bbq must be spectacular of epic proportions. Any chance of an invite next year?

    26 Jun '16
    • It is impressive isn’t it? They know their way around a grill, that is for sure! Why not try your own BBQ for eid? Check out the Halalnivore meat boxes – http://www.halalnivore.com/collections/our-meat-boxes. Make sure you use your Feed The Lion discount for 5% off.

      27 Jun '16
  • This looks impressive. What do you recommend from the menu?

    30 Jun '16
  • How do I use discount plz?

    1 Jul '16
      • I liked and shared the article, my name is ISTIAQUE CHOUDHURY om facebook? Thanks in advancr for the discount code

        16 Sep '16
  • Got a video coming of the BBQ bruv?

    8 Jul '16
  • Rib eye was really tender, by far the best steak I’ve had in a long time. Burger cooked up great, not at all greasy, very filling. Look forward to my next order

    10 Jul '16
    • Glad you enjoyed the burgers and steak. The rib eye is our favourite too! :-) Checkout ‘The Butchers Block’ on our website for some great marinade ideas for your next steak dinner.

      12 Jul '16

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