Harajuku Halal Ramen Japanese Bolton

Harajuku in Bolton is UK’s first fully Halal ramen restaurant


Harajuku Halal Ramen Japanese Bolton

Credit: Harajuku; @justjesseating

A new Japanese ramen bar in Bolton has made history by becoming the UK’s very first fully Halal ramen restaurant.

Although London’s Ramo Ramen has the distinction of being the country’s first ramen restaurant to offer a fully Halal food menu, it does serve alcohol.

But Harajuku on Derby Street, which opened earlier this month and is named after a trendy district in Tokyo’s Shibuya, isn’t just entirely Halal but has also gone the extra mile in making its very own noodles.

Ashref Ismail and Jun Feng Leung have come together to offer a menu that’s “as authentic as possible” with the ramen broths, sauces and mayonnaise reportedly made from scratch.

With Small Bites that include takoyaki, which are fried dough balls filled with diced octopus, as well as karage bites of battered chicken, they also do freshly-made bao buns.

As for their ramen, then with a choice of soy or spicy chicken broth, there’s chicken meatball, beef roll, karage chicken, or prawn tempura to consider.

In addition, Harajuku also do signature street bowls which involves a 5-step build-your-own process.

37 Derby St, Bolton BL3 6HE.

W: @harajuku.uk

Opening Hours: Tue CLOSED | Wed-Mon 12:00-22:00

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