HFA Conference Confirms Halal Food Industry Growth

An annual food conference further confirmed the rapid growth of the Halal food industry, both across the UK and internationally, as it gathered together industry experts, leading mainstream manufacturers, regulators, enforcement officers and Islamic finance experts.

The HFA Halal Industry Conference (HHIC) ended yesterday after two days of collaboration, panel discussions, informative presentations and plentiful networking within the mainstream Halal food industry.

This was the third consecutive conference headed by the Halal Food Authority (HFA), an independent Halal food certification body, who organised a networking dinner sponsored by KFC on day one, followed on day two by interactive workshops on Halal Logistics and Supply Chain in association with Malaysian Institute of Transport.

With industry experts, delegates and leading halal certifiers from Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, along with Dato Sirajuddin Bin Suhaimee, Director of the Halal Hub Division in Malaysia, as chief guest, the Halal industry was well represented at Regents Park Marriott.

The HHIC’s international support was also seen via the delegates, speakers and partners from the European Commission, the University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia, KFC UK & Ireland, Kellogg’s, DagangHalal, Salaam Gateway, Halal Focus, and Price Waterhouse Coopers, among other regulators.

Day two saw the participation of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), British Poultry Council, Birmingham City Council, and the London Borough of Brent, all of whom spoke on enforcement, food regulations, food fraud and mislabeling.

A masterclass for butchers was also delivered in association with AHDB Beef and Lamb.

Saqib Mohammed, the CEO of the HFA, said: “Organising HHIC annually is a part of our ongoing commitment to keep the UK and European food industry well informed, aligned, connected and pro-active to maximise the opportunities and overcome challenges.”

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