House Of Chai Manchester Breakfast Brunch

Eat Meat launch House of Chai in Manchester


House Of Chai Manchester Breakfast Brunch

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Some of you might remember a restaurant called Eat Meat which opened in Manchester in 2017 offering among other things steaks, that included wagyu, burgers and sliders.

Well it appears as though the people behind that meat house have launched a new venture at the same location called House of Chai.

Located on Wilbraham Road, this cafe-cum-restaurant appears to be attractively decorated with a flower wall for all those seeking after an equally attractive social image post.

Opening at 10am, House of Chai offers a variety of cuisines that begin with an assortment of breakfasts that range from the classical to the desi-oriented and even include an international selection of Shakshouka and Turkish eggs.

While fresh Waffles and Pancakes are also made available, the Brunch section is a mixture of burgers, which includes a peculiarly novel quartet of mini Macaron Burgers, grilled dishes and Kafta Tagine.

And of course being House of Chai, they have a number of beverages – again classical, desi and Turkish – and a large Desserts section.

From the latter, there’s desi Gulab Jamun and Falooda, the more hearty puddings and crumbles, as well as tarts, cakes and cheesecakes to name a few.

House of Chaii
5a Wilbraham Road, Manchester M14 6JS..

T: +44 (0)161 222 9876 | W: @houseofchaii | E: [email protected]

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

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