‘Islam terrorised Hindus for 2000 years’ Tweets Chef Atul Kochhar

Michelin star chef Atul Kochhar has been accused of being an Islamophobe and spreading hate after Tweeting a controversial message against Islam.

The well known Indian culinary and TV figure Tweeted: “It’s sad to see that you have not respected the sentiments of Hindus who have been terrorised by Islam over 2000 years. Shame on you. [sic]”

But it wasn’t until the two Michelin-starred chef, who has restaurants that cater for Halal, was accused of “Islamophobia” and spreading “hate” did he delete the offending post.

Chef Atul’s remark was directed at famous Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, who is currently plying her trade in Hollywood, for her role in a recent episode of ABC drama Quantico.

While pursuing a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear device, Chopra’s character discovers what is described in the programme as a rudraksha mala, or “Hindu rosary”, suggesting that the entire incident was a “false flag operation by Indian nationalists hoping to frame Pakistan in a mushroom cloud”.

In response to the Tweet, British journalist Sunny Hundal queried: “You blame Muslims for victiming Hindus for 2000 years (apparently!). But you’re happy to make money off them in Dubai. And you have no problems against the British, who killed more Hindus during the Raj? Hypocritical isn’t it?”

Along with a number of other Twitter members, Junaid called for an immediate boycott: “so @atulkochhar thinks Muslims/Islam have terrorised Hindus. Kochhar also runs @Benaresofficial in London which makes money from Muslims by serving halal menu. Time to boycott.”

Desi Jams was more specific encouraging instead that the following restaurants be boycotted: “BOYCOTT @atulkochhar’s restaurants including: 1). @Benaresofficial – London 2). Rang Mahal at @JWDubaiMarquis 3). Sindhu – Marlow @SindhuMarlow.”

Michelin-starred chef Vineet Bhatia was also left disgusted posting: “Such a stupid comment, arrogant crap by a stupid man.”

But Riaz Ali raised the issue of “hypocrisy” stating: “Bigots like @atulkochhar cannot stand Islam and muslims but opening restaurants in Dubai and earning their money is fine. Such filthy hypocrites. #Hypocrisy”

While Yeh Log said: “Mr Kochchar is on record saying he has been terrorised by Islam. Why involve him in an Iftar and terrorise him further?”

But Agnostic objected to the perceived duration of 2000 years: “Wow the pillock thinks Muslims were in India 600 years before islam was established in Arabia. This should be shared far and wide to expose these islamophobes for what they are. Never eating at benares again. #boycottbenares”

Atul Kochhar told FtL: “This is a complex issue and I apologise for my comments and inaccuracies, which I deeply regret.”


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  • May also be worth noting that many that called him out on Twitter were swiftly banned by his account!

    11 Jun '18

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