Halal chicken biryani Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

Jacob’s Curry & Cakes (Indian) – West Ealing, London



halal Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

If an oxymoronic name like Curry & Cakes (Jacob’s to be more precise) doesn’t arouse some type of interest and intrigue, what will? After all, how many Indian eateries do you know of that combine two seemingly unrelated food terms in such a way?

halal Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West EalingAnd the day you decide to pass by a tagline promising “Authentic Dum Biryani”, is the day you question how many food joints you really know of that offer dum biryanis, let alone authentic ones.

The interior too couldn’t be more aptly arranged, with a curry counter on one side and a display unit showcasing an assortment of egg and eggless cakes and pastries on the other.

Their menu is quite an extensive one too, with dishes like dosas and fish curries, alongside some other questionable ones that include burgers and wraps.

Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing


drinks Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

Sweet mango lassi £2.50

A very good lassi that was thick and luscious, and even had a touch of the caradmom to it. There was, however, one obvious shortcoming with this: it turned out to be perhaps half the size it should have been given its price.


Masala Dosa Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

Chicken Masala Dosa £5.00

masala dosa Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West EalingYou couldn’t ask for more from a masala dosa than this, to be honest.

When the chicken mixture is as full of flavour, moist, and well cooked, and the golden-brown dosa pancake lightly crispy and beautifully textured, you know you’re there or thereabouts.

The thali also came with some runny yoghurt, a very mildly-spiced orange chilli sauce, and some curry gravy.

Had altogether, this made for a delicious meal; and just the right lunch option too given the quantity.


Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing chicken biryani

Chicken ‘Dum’ Biryani £3.50

That’s right; dum biryanis, or at least that’s what the menu declares: “A combination of spices, chice of protein/ vegetables with Basmati rice in a traditional dum cooking method”.

And what a revelation it was too. This would put to shame most of the biryanis we’ve encountered in and around London and the UK. Having very recently increased its price from £3.00 to £3.50, believe it or not, this generous portion had plentiful pieces of succulent chicken, with a solid blend of spices throughout, and rice cooked so precisely that each individual grain stood distinct and separate from its neighbour.

£3.50 for such a portion, along with raita yoghurt to boot?! You’d be a fool not to go try this, especially when bearing in mind that its lamb counterpart costs almost double!

halal Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing lamb curry

Boneless Lamb Curry £6.00

Another generous portion of lamb curry whose chef knows how to pack some spicy flavour.

This is good enough to compete with most places. And again, coupled with expertly cooked rice.

halal Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

King Fish Curry £6.00

And how glad we were in accepting the recommendation made by the affable woman behind the counter.

This was a wonderfully executed fish dish, with the curry sauce, while having a relatively watery consistency, being superbly judged in terms of its spices, so as to allow for the soft-fleshed fish to be thoroughly enjoyed.


Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing halal

Vegetable Spring Roll £1.20

As big as these jumbo-sized spring roles were, they were extremely poor, with a near tasteless veggie interior, and a rather thick pastry exterior. Avoid!


chicken Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing Tandoori chicken with salad

Tandoori Chicken with Salad £4.00

Although this was a full-impact tandoori chicken that was nicely charred, its biggest downfall was that it was way over done, resulting in it being bone dry. The salad had a lot to be desired too.


burger Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing

6oz Beef Burger £5.00, with fries and drink +£1.50

If a burger ever told a complete story, it was this one. The moral being that if you do visit an Indian curry joint who knows a thing or two about curries, don’t bother with any other sideshow, particularly when they’re catering for the masses by offering burgers.

Arguably the worst burger we’ve ever had!


Curry & Cakes by Jacobs - West Ealing naan

Tandoori Naan £1.00

Fresh, fluffy and fantastic. Naans done to perfection!

Jacob's Curry & Cakes
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Last Checked: 02/11/18
As unassuming as Jacob's Curry & Cakes may appear at first sight, don't let its peculiar name sway you, because these guys actually know what they're doing when it comes to the former, i.e. curries.

And while we haven't tried the cakes yet, you'd be advised to stay away from the burgers. Aside from the curries, they also do a mean dum biryani, as well as a flavorous and satisfying masala dosa.

As such, Jacob's Curry & Cakes is certainly worth checking out if you're in the area.

Menu Recommendation

Drink - Mango Lassi

Main - Biryani/ Fish Curry/ Dosa

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Jacob’s Curry and Cakes
35 Broadway, West Ealing, London W13 9DA.

T: +44 (0)20 8579 2020 | W: jacobscurryandcakes.co.uk

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00–22:00 | Sun 12:00–21:00

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