And London’s Best Gourmet Burgers are…

After much debate and deliberation, Feed the Lion brings you the Capital City’s top 3 halal gourmet burgers.

And so in no real particular order, we have the:

Lone Ranger


Sponsored Image – Brioche Burger’s Lone Ranger

Brioche Burger’s incredibly tasting 21 day dry-aged Aberdeen Angus Lone Ranger contained a miraculous sauce that elevated this burger into the stratosphere!

Every so often, we are served a dish of such rare beauty that it makes all that tiresome travelling and monotonous mastication truly worth it. And so it was with this extraordinary thing of beauty. This was most definitely a case of being sold at the first bite. We have no idea what this “homemade spicy BBQ sauce” was; but, oh Lord was it divine! It made this burger sing like no other.

Must be tried to be believed; and once you do, you can thank us below.

Halloumi of Fame

band of burgers camden bob Halloumi of Fame - Halloumi cheese burger with grilled aubergine, courgette and red peppers £7.50

Band of Burgers’ visually stunning piece of art not only tasted as good as it looked, but surprised the pants off of us.

With fresh, beautifully chargrilled vegetables, and two thick pieces of salty halloumi, the contrast of tastes and textures here – from the sweet and soft red peppers to the relative wetness of the aubergine – presented a burger with clean, fresh flavours.

We never knew the day would come where a non-meat burger would actually challenge its cousins for supremacy, but this certainly did, with one Lion resoundingly declaring it his “favourite” on the day!

The Big Stax

The Big Stax Spicy comback sauce, dill pickle, maple glaxed beef bacon, onions & cheese

Stax Diner’s big bad boy is made from free-range beef sourced from Pedigreed Sussex Cattle and dry-aged for 28 days before being ground in-house.

This was cooked to perfection, and though not flame grilled, it was still seriously moist with the natural juices of the meat oozing out to coat the rest of the burger. The bun was soft and tasty; and with precisely the right quantity of sauce, you know they really put a lot of thought into creating this showstopper.

If you believe you’re a burger connoisseur and haven’t tried all three of the above, or any of these for that matter, then you’re simply not a burger connoisseur!

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  • No mention of Red Iron Burger, surprising!

    18 May '16
  • love Brioche Burger, there Angus range is defo one of the best, reminds me of the burgers in dubai.

    19 May '16
  • I would agree with Stax and Brioche Burger as 2 of the best, but i would have put Red Iron on the list as well.

    19 May '16
  • Good choices, but I really enjoyed Meating Rooms burgers. Have to agree with Red Iron too.
    Halloumi burger does sound interesting though.
    Thanks for this.

    19 May '16
  • Good list, but it should have been ranked. Mine would be:
    1. Brioche
    2. Two Buns
    3. Stax
    4. Red Iron

    23 May '16

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