Man vs Food - Isleworth London

Man vs Food – Isleworth

Man vs Food - Isleworth London

Man vs Food OsterleyWith the world famous Man vs Food opening its doors to the ravenous lot of London, Isleworth, it was only appropriate that we go over to this small venue and fatten ourselves up like our cousins from across the shore!

Firstly, a word of warning: if you go in the evening, book ahead, or you could be waiting some time for a table.

Corn Dog and Large Chips

Corn Dog and Large Chips

Parking is limited (although there is a Tesco car park across the road which might help).

The staff were very welcoming, and hand you a small complimentary bottle of fizzy drink before the order.

The corn dog was fairly good.

Man vs Food - Isleworth LondonThe large thin chips, however, were on a par with McCain’s – not a good start. The steak was pretty good for a non-steak place.

The giant burger challenge! Check the size of the plate!

Two guys tried; one managed a third; the other half.

It needed to be accomplished in around 45mins.

Oh and a cute little bell was rung to start the challenge; how quaint.


Tabasco Chicken Wings

These wings were a poor execution of what hot wings should be.

What you get is pure Tabasco sauce running off the chicken.

It’s overpowering and a pathetic attempt at hot wings. Did they even try this before they put it on the menu?


Burnt Sea Bass

They said, and we kid you not, that the above was supposed to look like that as per the guidelines drawn out by some schmuck in the States.

Needless to say, it got it sent back, pronto. The second run was not much better. What do you expect when students are cooking?
Man vs Food - Isleworth Londonmvf-20140822_195611

Their signature range burger (replace the bacon with something else) was a poor attempt at a burger.

How does shoving onion rings, hash browns, and an egg elevate a burger?

The cheese was non-existent, and the meat was burned and, thus, dry, and too small in proportion.

You could barely taste the sauce since there was hardly anything there.

In effect, it was like having three separate starters!

Man vs Food - Isleworth London
This was pretty tasty. However, it was impossible to finish because the turkey sauce was both too much, and over powering to the point of making you feel sick.
Shame because it could have been a winner.

But, again you wonder whether they tasted this before putting it on the menu, or was it just a royal cock up by students trying to play the chef for the evening?
Man vs Food Osterley isleworth
The (cheapest) Rookie burger on the menu was just… wrong!

We know what you’re thinking: I could have made that at home, but better. The meat was dry and so was the burger.

Man vs Food
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When you got young'ens preparing the food - anything can happen. There isn't a proper chef here, just trained monkeys!

Only the steak is worth getting. Nonetheless, given the price, you'd be better off making your own food at home. And don't forget to buy something to eat from Tesco for your journey home.

Very limited parking and book ahead if going in the evening.
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Man vs Food – London
42 Syon Lane
Isleworth, TW7 5NQ

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30-23:00 | Thur-Sat 11:30-23:00 | Sun 11:30-22:00

T: +44 (0)20 8560 0059 | W:

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  • The staff was amazing, really friendly and approachable. and the competitions and challenges are really fun. I got no other positive as the food was a disgrace and items were missing from the dish

    23 Sep '14
  • Food was ok, not much to write home about. It wasn’t american portions more central london small.

    2 Dec '14
  • What can be said that’s not been said here, I’d give it a 5.

    20 May '15

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