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Meat & Shake – Tooting


Can’t book ahead so it’s a case of turning up and waiting.

But, when we all finally did make it, we were well prepared for some meat.


Strawberry Shake

We got Peanut Butter Banana & Brownie, Strawberry, Oreo, Vanilla, Salted Caramel & Chocolate.

They were all very tasty, though over priced. The Strawberry, however, was a favourite among two Lions.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings

Onion rings – always a winner, though a bit greasy.

Some one also got gherkins (don’t know why though as it’s just… gherkins).


Talk about average fries!

Full Rack Jacobs Ladder

Full Rack Jacobs Ladder, Slow Cooked Beef Short Rib

This was easily the show stopper for us. Though not much of a rack (false advertising?), this came sprinkled with spring onions, thick and sticky BBQ sauce, on a bed of crispy sticks – awesome.

It’s enough for three men or two Lions. Being slow cooked, the meat breaks apart in your fingers. A must have!

Meat & Shake

Meat & Shake

Meat & Shake with 6oz Beef Pattie

Meat & Shake with 6oz Beef Pattie

Meat & Shake

Meat & Shake – White Truffle Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce, Beef Patty, Balsamic Sautéed Onions, Pulled Beef Rib, Comté Cheese, Garnished With Saffron, and a touch of Sparkles.

Although the pictures look amazing, they don’t hide the fact that these generally lacked taste.

The meat is 6oz, but a lack of sauce and cheese essentially results in negligible taste that’s not saved by the large garden tomato. Very disappointing.

Smoking Bandit

Smoking Bandit

Smoking Bandit

Smoking Bandit – Smokey Chipotle Mayo, Tomato, Lettuce, Beef Patty, Smokey Cheddar, Sautéed Onions and plenty of smoke.

20140117_205600Good to very good, yet fairly bland.

Perhaps it was under seasoned!

Just needed something to lift it ‘coz the sauce didn’t really do it.

These are the fancy sauces provided.

It’s pretty much all Tabasco sauce.

And if you are brave enough to use them, you’ll essentially end up killing your taste buds.

Meat & Shake
3 FTL's Roar
1.3 Pride's Roar (2 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO/ NO
Last Checked: 20/2/18
Judging by how much they've spent on the décor, you would expect something impressive on the menu. It's all a bit average though. How they can just put McCain's styel chips in front of you is a wonder. Are they trying to attract a crowd or lose it? Put some flavour in it and they could be onto a winner.

Having said all that though, it is still worth going for the Beef Short Rib.

Need to lift the taste of the burgers. Otherwise the interior is really welcoming; great atmosphere, just the burgers let things down slightly.

See our review of the Ealing branch.
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47 Upper Tooting Road,
Tooting Bec SW 17 7TR

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed 11:30-23:00 | Thur-Sat 11:30-23:00 | Sun 11:30-22:00

T: +44 (0)20 8355 4496 | W: | E: [email protected]

20140117_221158 Great decor


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  • I go here all the time, its very good. Try Neon burgers, there as good if not better

    9 Jul '14
  • Great website, shame I live abroad as I would come here

    25 Jul '14

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